'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber and Gary Call It Quits!

Teen Mom Amber
It took putting on a wedding dress for Teen Mom star Amber to realize this is a mistake.

After watching yesterday's episode of Teen Mom, all I could think was, "Poor baby Leah."

Whether Gary and Amber's split this time is for keeps or for the cameras, she's the one who's going to suffer the consequences of the mess they've made of their lives. They've tried the whole staying-together-for-the-kid thing, and clearly, in this case, it's not working.


It was heartbreaking to watch that little girl peering out of the window, hopelessly looking for her father as her mama viciously taunted, "Your daddy's leaving you again." Such vitriol. The kid isn't even 2, and look what she's dealing with.

Yes, Leah was a handful in the a.m. because Gary woke her up at the crack of dawn. But it's nothing the average mom doesn't have to deal with on occasion -- and it's not like he was really setting out to ruin Amber's day. Besides, what else can poor little Leah do besides scream her head off -- after all, that's all she sees her parents doing day and night. That's never how Amber sees things though. And it seems like it took finally putting on that wedding gown for her to realize the path that these two were headed down might not be the right one.

Nothing makes that clearer than watching Catelynn and Tyler as they talked to baby Carly, the child they gave up for adoption, on her first birthday. The two miss their daughter and all the small moments that have made up her life. But they know they've done the right thing, especially considering the circumstances they continue to find themselves in with their families.

Farrah, meanwhile, is still trying to figure out whether or not she should commit to making things work with her own family. Mom Debra is still a bit heavy-handed, but it seems like she's really trying to make an effort at changing their relationship for the better. Seems Farrah's determined, though, to mess things up. She balks at her parents' kind offer to rent her their house at less than the going rate -- and even at their offer for free babysitting. She ruins the fun birthday at the zoo her parents worked so hard to plan, throwing tantrums throughout the day after her dad's car breaks down. Yup, because, you know, he planned that whole thing to ruin her day. The whole time, Farrah just comes off as a spoiled brat with no clue what she really wants. Sophia, though, seems happy with her reunited little family.

Maci, on the other hand, is set to take little Bentley away from the world he knows. She's got a right to move on, sure. And I can understand that she feels like she has no choice. Given baby daddy Ryan's threat at custody, it's now or never on the moving situation. But when Maci's mom asks straight out how committed Maci's new boyfriend Kyle is, he doesn't even respond. Or at least, we don't get to see a response. Last week, Maci's decision provoked a lot of discussion. And it's a tough situation but I'll say it again. I think it's a knee-jerk response. It's too rash, and Bentley will be the one to suffer here, especially if he gets attached to Kyle and it doesn't end up working out. Ryan may be a deadbeat, but he is Bentley's dad, for better or for worse.

In the end, I'll admit, this was quite the tearjerker of an episode. I couldn't help but feel forlorn -- for Bentley, but especially for Leah. I worry about these kids and what they're dealing with. But I am realizing this -- yes, their parents are teens. But they're parents anyway. Age doesn't really have all that much to do with the decisions they're facing. We all go through this stuff, we all have choices to make. Sometimes we don't know what's right or wrong, but we've just gotta do the best we can.

Do you think Amber and Gary should call it quits? Do you think Maci's being rash?

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