Bigger Babies Are Bigger Studs & More Baby News

baby circumcisionPenises seem to be the main theme in the links I'm loving this week. Lots and lots of penises. Check 'em out:

Your big baby boy will turn into a big studly man. I'm trying to figure out if this study that says bigger boy babies are more active sexually is something to make me proud of my big baby boy, or something I should NEVER EVER think about again. -- Yahoo! Shine

Whether you're a writer or not, it's a fact that working moms are treated differently than working dads. Lisa Belkin's essay, "A Room of Mom's Own," takes on those especially hard on working moms who might need to travel away from their children: ourselves. -- Motherlode

Yep, I'd be a little upset too. A Miami mom is suing the hospital for wrongfully circumcising her baby. Apparently the baby was in NICU, and someone misread the consent form. No matter how much money this family may get, they'll never get back his foreskin. Yowza. -- ParentDish

Image via Pink Sherbet Photography/Flickr

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