Unique Ideas for a Monster-Themed Nursery

My son's hand-painted monsters.

When I brought Rowan home, the nursery was a celestial theme, with light blues and yellows, and I loved it (though he didn't sleep there until he was 3). I was so excited about buying girl things when I was pregnant with my daughter that I spent an embarrassing amount on the crib set with matching wall decorations and curtains for my daughter's room (that she's never slept in even once). Now my son's room is all Star Wars, Spider-Man, Ben 10, and other boy things. He also has a big love of monsters, and frankly, so do I.

Most nurseries, no matter how "unique," often revolve around celestial or animal themes, but not these ideas! I feel that the movie Monsters, Inc. probably has helped a lot of kids not be afraid of "monsters in the closet," and so will these fun monster ideas for the nursery.


Check out these adorable, cuddly, handmade aliens ($10-18) from Adopt an Alien on Etsy -- also on Facebook.

Need a place to store diapers or toys? How about the awesome Monster Storage Bags (around $20) from LuandEd (who is also on Facebook). She customized a monster bag for Rowan's room that matched the orange monster in his paintings, and she did it fast -- for only $30, despite the specialty fabric! These are way bigger than they look and hold a ton.


Also from LuandEd, unique stuffed monsters and adorable little guys ($12-18). Custom ones available! I have the guy on the left, and another that looks kind of like a kitty hiding in my closet for Yule presents.



And while these last two aren't handmade, there's nothing I'd love to put in a kiddo's room more than the Alex Moody Monsters Garbage Can from Target for $19.99.

Last but not least, a glow-in-the-dark Crayola Monster Party bed set with matching monsters, which appears to be only on eBay now for $103. I've coveted this for years. *sniffle*

What kind of unique and hand-crafted or non-traditional stuff have you seen or have for your baby's nursery?


Images via Etsy; Leslie Green Bauchman; LuandEd; LuandEd; Target; Mattresszine.com

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