My Baby Vs. My Dog: Who's Hitting the Milestones?

dog versus babyWhile comparing your baby to a family pet is probably not the best idea, we do like to do it quite often here at The Stir.

Instead of just theorizing with "your cat" vs. "my child," I decided to put the two to a test in a controlled environment. Yes, my Cocker Spaniel will take on my 17-month-old baby to see who is better at hitting those baby milestones.

Taking the milestones from the handy dandy BabyCenter calender that we all sign up for the second that stick gives a positive, I'm putting Judah and Eli through the paces (Judah is the baby, Eli, the dog).




Here's how they stack up:

Uses six words regularly

Judah: Go, Bye-bye, Mommy, Daddy, Shoes, Eli

Eli: Errrr (she doesn't even have a full growl, she's very shy)

Enjoys pretend games

Judah: Peek-a-boo addict

Eli: Pretends to be people

Likes riding toys

Judah: Radio Flyer Rocket and being pushed on the scooter are two faves

Eli: Runs from Judah on his Radio Flyer Rocket

Feeds doll

Judah: As much as our gender-neutral household tries, this kid won't play with a baby.

Eli: She, however, is very interested in the baby, when he's eating in his high chair. But I wouldn't call it "feeding." It's more like trying to steal baby's food.

Speaks more clearly

Judah: Yes, I can understand when he says his sister's name now.

Eli: If peeing on the floor when we don't get up early enough for her bathroom break counts, then yes. She's speaking more clearly every day.

Throws a ball

Judah: Yes, in fact we're prepping him for the major leagues right now.

Eli: This one isn't fair -- danged opposable thumbs!

Dances to music

Judah: Check this out:

Eli: She won't even run around the block.


Judah wins this round. But if it were competitive eating, Eli would defeat that baby.

Do you compare your dog and your baby? Who wins?

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