'True Blood' Spoiler: Sookie and Bill Have a Baby?!

My headline may be a touch misleading ...But there are many possibilities for tomorrow night's Season 3 finale episode of True Blood and there have been many spoilers already out there, so why not throw in a baby?

What if Sookie and Bill have a baby?

Hear me out: Sookie is a fairy. She can help Bill daywalk. If Bill can daywalk, maybe he can also reproduce.

Still with me?


I imagine a Sookie and Bill baby would gestate faster than another baby since he is a vampire and she is a fairy, so out the baby would come before the season concludes!

Of course, there would be blood and gore and a storyline of possible death for both Sookie and the baby. This, after all, True Blood and the goriest season to date. I see moaning and screaming and blood and some kind of battle happening just outside the doors.

OK, so it not the most likely to scenario. But it is possible!

Of course, the most likely to have a baby is poor Arlene who is still pregnant with a serial killer's baby even though she thought on the last episode that she had miscarried.

From the build up last week when she tried to induce a miscarriage with her new witchy waitress friend, I suspect that storyline is going to carry us well into season 4.

So there will be a True Blood baby!  It is just not likely to be Sookie and Bill's.


Who is excited for tomorrow night?


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