Baby Monkey & Miniature Pig Make Me Squeal (VIDEO)

baby monkey rides mini pigAre you ready to die of cuteness? So there's a baby monkey, and he loves this miniature pig. So much so that he hugs her tight and rides all around the neighborhood on her back. Yes, it's ridiculous.

Also, showing that primates are indeed one of our closest relatives, when that poor baby monkey gets knocked off that pig, he goes after her like my own baby does after I've set him down post-spinning around the room session.

All right, enough talk, more laughing. Check it out:


I'm not sure what could be cuter.

Baby Pig Rides Miniature Monkey?

Baby Regular Poodle Rides Miniature Poodle?

Baby Penguin Rides Miniature Dolphin?

Baby Bear Rides Miniature Mountain Goat?

Human Baby Rides Miniature Horse?

Baby Hello Kitty Rides Baby Precious Moments Doll?

Honestly, if you've seen anything out there that makes you awwwww as much as this video, please do leave the link in the comments.


Image via Anthony J/Flickr

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