Are My Breastfeeding Days Over Because of Day Care?

baby not eating Kavi's sleep patterns are messed up lately, due to a combination of too much holiday fun, teething, the start of day care, and perhaps just the 7-month sleeplessness syndrome. (Yes, I just made that up.)

Well, turns out that's not the only problem we've run into this week. At day care and even at home, my baby's just not interested in drinking her milk -- from the breast and the bottle.


Yesterday, she drank only seven ounces from the period between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., while she was at day care. When she got home, it was like pulling teeth to get her to drink another six before she settled in for the night.

This has been quite a shocker. We knew she'd been fussing at the bottle for nearly a week now, but we hadn't quantified just how little she's been consuming. She used to happily drink four to six ounces at a single sitting, and now it's nearly impossible to get her to focus enough to get down two or three. I know she's supposed to be consuming anywhere from 24 to 32 ounces, but I don't think she's anywhere near that mark.

Other than the not eating, she seems fine. She plays, she babbles, she laughs.

Is she just distracted? Is it the teething? Could it be gas? Is she overwhelmed? I'm not exactly sure what to blame. She'll still happily gnaw on a carrot or eat her squash or yogurt, so it's something about the milk that bothers her. She'll bite on the bottle and fling it around. And she's equally distracted while nursing. She has tried biting me a few times, which I'm trying to explain in my stern-mommy tone is wrong.

Miss Adele at the day care suggests it may be the type of formula we've been using, but she's been on it for a couple of months without a problem. Maybe the new foods she's trying are making her too gassy? Or too full to be interested in her liquid diet? Perhaps it's just that she's overwhelmed by day care? Or is it that the teething is just that bad, as nani-ma the pediatrician suggested?

If I'm sounding a bit stress-baskety, it's because I'm sort of at a loss at this point. All I know is my little one's not eating enough, and I need to fix it.

Has anyone else dealt with loss of appetite in an infant? What did you do to resolve it?

Image via AmbersMom98/CafeMom

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