Pampers Burned by Moms?

Pampers Dry MaxRemember a few months back when moms everywhere were complaining that Pampers diapers were burning their babies' bottoms? There were lawsuits, Facebook campaigns, and media reports all claiming Pampers Dry Max Diapers had caused a strange diaper rash on babies across the country.

Due to the outcry, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) launched an investigation to see if there was a connection between the two. Their findings were released this week, and they determined there wasn't "any specific cause linking" the two.

Good news for Pampers, but what about all those reports from moms everywhere?

Since April the CPSC has received 4,700 reports about a rash caused by the diapers. And there are probably many more who didn't complain, but saw a rash and panicked -- like me.

Did we get caught up in a mom-mob mentality?


I had never used another brand of diapers except Pampers until my daughter got a rash in the midst of all the hype this past spring. I heard all the reports and switched to another brand. She's had a few diaper rashes since, but none quite as bad as that one.

Coincidence? Based on this report, probably so.

And I feel a little bit like a traitor to Pampers because I left them behind based on possible misinformation and just a buzz in the mom community. I didn't do any research or file a complaint; I just heard something and made a change. I wonder how many other mothers did the same -- with or without the rash.

Pampers surely has lost more than a few dollars from moms who did the same. According to AdAge, the diaper market share for P&G went down more than 3 points in the midst of all the speculation.

Now, here's scientific evidence from an independent agency saying they didn't cause my daughter's diaper rash, that they're safe after all.

So, based on that evidence, I'm going to give Pampers another try and see what happens.

If Lila Claire gets another diaper rash, then I'll join the campaign to rid the shelves of the baby burners. But if not, I'll offer my own personal mea culpa to Pampers by buying their diapers again ... or at least when they're on sale.

Did you stop buying Pampers due to reports of the rash? Will you buy them again based on these recent findings?

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