Are Nursing Boobs Still Sexual?

I never nursed in public unless I was under a cover.

It was a pretty cover with bright flowers, the kind that distracted people from what I was doing. They may not have even known had there not been two little baby feet peeking out from under it.

Now, Rachel, a guest blogger on Nursing Freedom says I had it wrong all that time. I should have been nursing more in public. I probably should have.

I agree with all the arguments she made -- children need to see breastfeeding in order for it to be "normalized." After all, what is more "family friendly" than feeding a baby from the breast, the way we are designed to feed them?

Most of all, I agree with the notion that breasts are not just sexual.


They ARE sexual, to be sure.

I like that they are sexual, but I have never been one of those moms who has trouble compartmentalizing my breasts. When my baby is feeding, I am asexual. When my husband and I are intimate, they are his playthings.

It works for me.

This is not to say I can allow my husband to play with them in quite the same way as he used to. I do get ooked when he does anything close to nursing, but I solved that problem early by weaning my son on one side when he turned one.

One boob for nursing, the other for play. Problem solved.

Since giving birth, my breasts have ceased to be as sexual. And although I am still not comfortable whipping my breasts out in front of my dad (or my father-in-law) or really any male, I do feel a little prudish about that.

After all, why should I feel embarrassed if I am feeding my baby? And trust me. It ain't sexual at all.

The other day my daughter was watching Charlotte's Web and saw the mama pig nursing all her babies.

"Look mommy! It's like you and Alan," my daughter cried about her toddler brother (who is still nursing, albeit only at home).

Tell me: how is that sexual?

Do you think you will have trouble nursing in public?



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