'Teen Mom' Recap: Ryan Sues Maci for Custody of Bentley

Teen Mom
Teen Mom's Maci and Ryan do battle over poor Bentley.
Just when you thought the mama drama couldn't get any more intense on MTV's Teen Mom, they went there. There there. And how!

Last week, Maci made the difficult decision to go ahead and move to Nashville to be with her boyfriend Kyle, whom she called "the one." Kyle's there for Maci -- and for her son Bentley -- so she felt confident she was doing the right thing. But her baby daddy Ryan didn't think so.


So this week, Ryan, worried that he might lose his kid if Maci moves to Nashville, decides he's gotta go ahead and sue for joint custody -- essentially to keep her around.

Oy! If you've been keeping up, you know I'm hardly a fan of Ryan. He's a deadbeat dad for sure. He didn't see Bentley the whole first year of his life and Maci had to sue to get child support. He's unemployed and hardly the strong father figure one would want for their kid. But he is Bentley's dad, for better or worse.

I know Maci wants to move forward with her life, but I can't argue that Ryan should have to trek to Nashville to spend any time with his son. And given Ryan's just burgeoning interest, he might not work at seeing Bentley at all. Which effectively means Maci is cutting her son off from his father.

Honestly, it hurts to watch this. I know this scenario plays itself out in families all over the country every day. And it's just a no-win situation. But the biggest loser here is always the kid.

Farrah, for one, is trying her best to make sure things work out for her little one. Only time will tell if she's making the right decision, given her mama's nut-job tendencies, but she's taking mama Debra to therapy to work on their issues -- and letting her back into little baby Sophia's life. It's time to be a family again.

Things aren't working out as well for Catelynn and her mom. The two have a big blow-up when they go prom dress shopping together and Catelynn's mom essentially makes Catelynn feel ugly. Poor thing, she's still having weight and body image issues postpartum, and trying to squeeze into a prom dress can't be fun. But she and Tyler win prom queen and king, so that's something.

And then there's Amber and Gary. It's Amber's birthday, and Gary has promised to watch baby Leah so she can celebrate with her friends in a rare night out. But as it goes with those two, the night ends up a mess. Gary's friend eggs him on and says he needs to bail on Amber because she can't even bother to spend her birthday night with her family. Gullible Gary picks a fight with Amber, and, as usual, they both say some really mean, relationship-ending stuff to each other. But then, again as usual, he gives in, brings her a birthday cake, and watches little Leah while Amber heads out partying with her girls. Ah, teen love. What a mess it is. These two need to call it a day and move on. All this fighting is not healthy -- for them or their little one.

What would you do if you were Maci? Should she can the move and share custody with Ryan? Or fight it out in court with her baby daddy?


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