Put Your Baby in a Box? That Crazy & More Baby News

baby newsStrangeness in the world of baby news from newborn surprises to ridiculous lists. Here are the links I'm loving:

Was it the yellow tinge? The two weeks of sound sleeping followed by two months of screaming? Mama Mary says the biggest surprise upon coming home from the hospital with a newborn was her vagina. Rock On Mommies wants to know what shocked you the most about bringing home a newborn, and has some fun moms sharing their shock and awe moments. -- Rock On Mommies

Ugh. Another scary California whooping cough story from Heather Turgeon. Many babies who died from pertussis were misdiagnosed by their pediatricians, and did not get the help they needed. Perhaps if these eradicated diseases weren't able to come back, we wouldn't have this problem. -- Strollerderby

I love the ridiculous parenting product lists. My favorite from the latest roundup -- the cardboard crib for $250. My real, wooden one cost about one hundred dollars less than that. -- Parenting

Image via omima

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