'Mila's Daydreams' Captures the Most Adorable Baby Art

Sleeping babies are probably about the cutest thing in the entire universe. But I have to admit, sleeping kids can be a little bit entertaining.

My husband tucks my daughter in (already asleep) while I get ready to go to bed, and once I climb in to read a little before falling asleep, we take turns making her limp little arms wave bye to each other. Sometimes she does a little jig in her sleep, or I make her enact little Shakespeare scenes (only a line or two, I swear). But my point is, sleeping kiddos can be kind of entertaining ... especially when you're sleep deprived and anything is funny.

She'll hate me for this in the future, I'm sure.

My attention was turned today to a blog called "Mila's Daydreams" where a creative mom poses her sleeping daughter with elaborate scenes and takes pictures.

I spoke with Adele, Mila's mom, to find out about her inspiration.


What inspired you to start doing these photos?

When Mila was a newborn, she slept a LOT ... most of the time I found myself staring at her while she was sleeping. Once she fell asleep in funny position at our living room carpet, and my husband placed his conductor baton in her hand. She looked like a little fencer, and we took a photo. So, I got an idea. Next day I build a little forest around her with the blankets and pillows. First I uploaded my baby photos into my Facebook gallery, but I didn't want to flood my co-workers and acquaintances' newsfeed with my crazy baby pics. So I created blog for my friends and family, especially for them who live long distance and in other countries.

Where do you get all of your props?

All the props are from our household. We have travelled a lot before Mila and I have some kind of obsession with scarves, blankets, and pillows, so I have bought them from all the places we've been. I don't buy new stuff for the pics because I enjoy to discover ideas from old things.

What are you going to do when she's no longer a pose-able newborn? You have fans now!

For me this is still just a hobby and I guess I’ll end this when Mila is old enough to really do things instead of only dream about that. That’s the beauty of this concept. Babies can’t really walk or fly, but in they dreams everything is possible. I must confess that I have some un-published photographs waiting, but instead of the blog they are coming into my future book. Balzer+Bray will publish my first book When My Baby Dreams in winter 2012.

Thanks Adele for talking with me and for sharing your adorable baby and creativity with the world. I look forward to your book as well!


Which is your favorite? Do you pose your baby in their sleep?


Images via Mila's Daydreams

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