Amish Woman Has Baby Following Drug-Related Buggy Accident

amish buggy accident baby drugsAn Amish woman in Ohio went for a ride with her family, and wound up delivering her baby early after a serious buggy wreck.

Barbara Kauffman was eight months pregnant when the buggy she and her family were in was rear-ended by an SUV. Many of the family members, including Kauffman and her children, were ejected from the buggy into the street. The accident caused Kauffman to go into labor and give birth to her baby prematurely. Both Kauffman and her baby are in critical condition.

Unfortunately, it was an accident that could have been prevented, and that baby could have stayed safe in her mother's womb.


The driver of the SUV was believed to be under the influence of drugs, and was cited for following the buggy at too close range. The 31-year-old mother who was driving the SUV has minor injuries, as does her daughter who was in the car. While she was on drugs. Injuring the Amish. 

I'm thinking the driver should get an even harsher punishment for not only causing a mother to deliver her baby early and sending two more of the family's children to the hospital, but being so under the influence that she hit a buggy that couldn't have whipped out in front of her without her noticing.

The Amish community, however, is typically forgiving.

The Amish say they do not like to judge others, but they wish people would show greater care when driving through their community.

"You know they were probably focusing on something else and you know accidents do happen," Troyer told Fox 8 News.


Image via Walt Hubis/Flickr

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