Ugly Vaginas & Fist Fights: Best Reader Comments

three months babyLots to yack about this week in the world of baby. Of course some of you are more prolific than others. Here are the best baby comments from the womb to weaning.


Julie told us the crazy story about two doctors getting in a fist fight over a patient's c-section, and the horrible result for the baby. Of course, we've seen similar heat over the issue here. Ginger Summerford Gorrell called b.s. on that:

No one debates that c-sections aren't necessary!  They definitely are a necessary medical intervention for some women.  It's just that the rate of women that truly need them should be closer to 10-15%, not 33+%.

Megan shared a wonderful world of baby announcements with us, and Lindsey Jackson told us about another option I wish I'd known about:

I ordered mine from, I'm a librarian so I had my daughter's birth announcement printed on bookmarks :)

Canadian reader Doug Streifel hijacked Christie's post, Diagnosed With an Ugly Vagina, but had some pretty salient points. His intro:

Americans have a grocery list of body self-image issues.  Many have pointed the finger angrily at pornography or at Hollywood, but personally I believe it's only natural that companies will seek out the most beautiful (in their opinion) or "flawless" models.  The heart of the problem in my mind is actually the absence of depictions of what normal people look like naked or of realistic and healthy sexuality.

A few years ago I joined a community which I will not name, but in which nudity (including sexualized) is accepted and commonplace.  As a result I wound up learning what real people actually look like, and this may shock some people, but women do not need to look like porn starlets or Hollywood anorexics to be attractive or even beautiful.  I've met many women who commented to me that their self image has much improved since seeing more naked people and other people seeing them naked more often.

So, I have to say that I don't find it surprising at all that a society which freaked the hell out over a blurry image of Janet Jackson's left nipple would give rise to this sort of thing.  When the collective belief is that it's morally wrong to let anyone see your body, issues with body image are basically inevitable.  Images of the "ideal" woman in mainstream media only compound the problem.

In short, repressive attitudes about sex in general create the body image issues, and America's Healthcare for Profit model only encourages this sort of opportunistic profiteering.

Sasha reported a horrible story about a mother's preference for girl babies to the point of extreme neglect and abuse of her baby boys -- and murder. She asked if we had a gender preference and the sweetest response came from Maurin Livingston:

I thought I had a preference, but my story is a little different.  I have two children, one boy and one girl, however, I did not give birth to either one of them.  4 years ago today I married Kevin and Haylie's father.  They were only 5 (Haylie) and 7 (Kevin) when I came into their lives and 6 and 8 when I married their father.  For the longest time I thought I preferred girls since I am one and I love looking through the little girls section for clothes.  But here was Kevin; cute, curious, precocious and full of love for everyone...even me!  While I still adore shopping for Haylie (now 11) I can't imagine my life without my son (now 13).  He opened my eyes and heart to a whole new to speak.  What this girl did is absolutely horrendous!!

Amy Jo gave us the scoop on baby poop and cleannaturallady gave us a laugh:

What I always found interesting about baby poop was that I could always smell my own child's poop in a crowd of babies.

Sona's made it past her goal of nursing Kavi for six months and wonders when Kavi will self-wean. A supportive, non-judgmental, but informative comment from katekilla:

I do think many kids are different, but that said, biologically kids are designed to nurse for at least two years. Babies who express a lack of interest at the breast at under a year are definitely just launching a nursing strike. They are not self-weaning! And yes, using bottles is one way to nudge along the inevitable weaning, whenever it happens.

I think nursing till two or later is optimal for child and mother, but it's clear that that's very hard for a lot of families to do, especially if there isn't a lot of support for it. So really, any mother should feel very proud for any amount of nursing she does!

There were so many comments on Christie's 9 Lifesaving Car Seat Rules You're Probably Ignoring, I'm going to post the one from an expert, SpartyGaurd who helped clarify the no coat rule:

Car seat tech speaking here....on the no coat rule.  The idea isn't to let your kid freeze to death but avoid the big huge puffy coats that are going to compress in a collision and allow too much space between the harness straps and your child.  Instead, put on a light weight jacket and then layer with blankets over the harness straps.

One thing I'll add just to round it out to an even 10 rules.  Avoid after-market products...if it didn't come in the box with the car seat, don't add it.  This includes toys on the handle, covers, suction cup sun shades, head supports and strap covers.

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