You’ll Never Guess How One Family Used Their Diapers

First some parents hide their meth lab in their toddler's backpack, now a father hides his drugs in his baby's diaper.

Where are all the decent parents hiding?

The 29-year-old man was shopping at a grocery store in Salem, Utah when a store clerk who was holding the baby discovered the individually-wrapped pills inside the baby's diaper. The man has a history of previous theft and drug possession charges.

Of course he did.

Though I had never considered hiding my (extensive) drug collection in my child's diaper, I have used their disposable diapers for a few things beyond just covering their bottoms. Some of those include:




  • Mopping spills in the car: They are really absorbent and kind of smell good (when not covered in poo). If your toddler spills a sippy cup of juice, a diaper kills a roll of paper towels in terms of sopping ability.
  • Doggie diarrhea: I will admit to using my child's diaper to stop my dog from having an accident when he was sick. He is a little dog. It worked. Nuff said.
  • Rock stasher: When we go to the beach, sometimes my kids like to collect shells and rocks. Wrapped tightly, a diaper provides a nicely cushioned place to keep those shells and rocks dry.
  • Puke catcher: A diaper is the best way to catch puke (or bloody noses) on the fly.
  • Padded seating:  I have lined up two or three diapers when we are at the park and used them to sit on the ground. Bonus: they were still clean enough to use later.

These are all acceptable used for diapers, but stashing drugs? That is not.

Do you use diapers for other things?

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