Is It Okay to Advertise Your Beliefs on Your Baby?

During the 2008 elections, I have to admit I didn't blink twice and likely even smiled at babies in Obama shirts. But then I was incredibly disgusted to see a woman doing a pro-life protest with a baby in a carrier and a huge "Don't Murder Me" sign on her infant. Gay rights parades full of happy kids, I am totally happy about, but bringing kids with you to protest them bothers me.

Yes, I'm liberal, obviously, and there are people who get annoyed by my beliefs, those who smile at the pro-life protester and the people dragging kids to hate on gay marriage.

Which leaves me wondering, is it okay to have a billboard baby in any situation?


When it comes to your kids, is supporting people or beliefs in a positive way okay?


Is going in a negative or insulting direction the wrong way to go?

Some of the above I smiled at and others I'm very much not a fan of. I'm sure the same is true for plenty of you, regardless of which ones elicited those feelings.

But the question is, are any of those appropriate on onesies, or should babies remain firmly a "No Advertising" zone? Obviously babies can't read so it's more of a statement to adults and probably doesn't affect the small crowd at all. But is it ever okay to include children in politics?

I made a point when my son asked me why I was doing volunteer work for Obama's campaign to explain to him that I personally believed that Obama would help improve the country and the lives of Americans. Regardless of my negative opinions of other candidates, I only told my son, "McCain is not a bad man, I just don't think his ideas are as good as Obama's and I don't agree with a lot of what he thinks, so I don't want him to be President. There are plenty of people who think he'd do a great job, though, so that's why they vote for him."

I work really hard to have my own opinion but encourage my son to form his own, though obviously some bias is almost guaranteed. Being a Pagan family with gay friends and family members pretty much guarantees he will never see any "this is a Christian country" or anti-gay attitude from us, nor would we be likely to respond favorably to it or allow that kind of thing in our home.

What about children's books or other activities? Would you read your baby the book Why Mommy Is a Democrat or Why Daddy Is a Democrat? (If yes, they're $5 each at Little Democrats.) Check out a page:

I have to ask again ... is there a point where cute and fun, and then where it's just plain brainwashing or inappropriate? If so, where is that line?

Do you have political or religious statement stuff for your baby?



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