Dead Baby Comes Back to Life From Mom's Touch

dead baby back to lifeTalk about the power of a mother's touch.

Kate Ogg gave birth to twins at 27 weeks -- a girl named Emily, and Jamie, a boy. Emily was fine, but Jamie suffered complications from the premature birth and was declared dead.

But he's not now. He's very much alive.


When doctors left the baby alone with his parents to say their goodbyes, Kate hugged the tiny baby to her chest. She stayed that way, skin-to-skin for two hours, during which time she started to feel signs of life from him.

"I told my mum, who was there, that he was still alive. Then he held out his hand and grabbed my finger," Ogg said on Australian television show Today Tonight.

The doctor declared it a "miracle."

While some question if the baby was actually "dead," it's certainly testament to the importance of kangaroo care, particularly with preemies. Kangaroo care is just what Ogg did -- holding a baby skin-to-skin, usually on one's chest, for hours at a time.

I know all about kangaroo care and practiced it for months when my son, who was also born at 27 weeks, was in the hospital.

His tiny little body -- just 1 pound, 15 ounces -- was hooked up to an intricate array of wires and machines that beeped and buzzed and terrified me. But what terrified me even more was taking him into my own arms.

But the doctors stressed the importance of that skin-to-skin contact, and so each day the nurses would free him from the incubator, and lay him and a tangle of wires still attached to his body on my bare chest. There we would sit, just the two of us, for hours.

Sometimes I sang, other times I told him stories. Mostly, I just sat there and loved him.

My husband did it too, and I'd well up with tears each time seeing them snuggled up together, listening to the things I overheard him telling his son.

While we didn't experience such a dramatic headline-making miracle as the Ogg family, I know kangaroo care was absolutely an essential part of my own miracle that is my strong, healthy 7-year-old son today.

Have you personally experienced the power of Kangaroo Care?

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