What Is Bethenny Frankel Doing With Baby Wipes? 20 Amazing Things ...

Bethenny Frankel considers baby wipes her most important parenthood accessory.

The television personality and writer told Parade:

"And I am loving using Bryn's baby wipes. They are at the top of my list of mommy must-haves. Baby wipes are great for everything!"

At some point all parents discover the joy of baby wipes. For me, it came after the gym one day when I was running late to meet a friend with the kids and I couldn't shower.  

Brad Pitt had recently revealed that he sometimes skipped showers and used baby wipes instead. I gave it a try and was amazed at how fresh I felt. Since then, I have continued to do that after the gym when it might be an hour before my shower.

But there are many uses for baby wipes beyond baby's bottoms. Here are 20:

  1. Wiping up paint smudges while painting
  2. Wash the sand off them at the park/ice cream off them at the ice cream stand/etc.
  3. Cleaning cupholders -- they're the perfect size for swiping around in the car cupholder and getting the gunk out
  4. Throw in the bag with your kid's dirty clothes, and it will help mask the ick smell until you can get it in the wash
  5. Stick in the lunchbox for them to clean their hands
  6. Stick in YOUR lunchbox to clean your hands
  7. Keep the flowers they pick for you moist until you get them home (wrap around the stems)
  8. Shining shoes
  9. Taking a quick "armpit shower" (follow up with deodorant) like Brad Pitt!
  10. Dusting at home
  11. Getting stains off
  12. Removing makeup
  13. Emergency first-aid for minor cuts
  14. Napkins
  15. Removing crayon from the wall
  16. Cleaning the microwave
  17. Dry one out, put essential oil on it, and put it in a drawer that needs freshening
  18. Stain remover
  19. Wipe down the bathroom quickly
  20. Clean cat hair off a sweater

How do you use your baby wipes?


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