'Teen Mom' Recap: Bentley Calls Kyle Dada?!

Teen Mom
Farrah didn't have any major cringe-inducing moments this week on Teen Mom, but there was still plenty of drama to keep us tuned in.

Maci's little boy, Bentley, calls her boyfriend Kyle "dada" for the first time -- and Maci's really touched by the moment. In fact, things are getting so serious between the two, who are commuting back and forth about two hours to see each other, that they've decided to close the distance between them. That's right. Maci's moving from Chattanooga to Nashville. And yes, it's for a guy. Next week, Ryan's going to be pissed!


The decision left me totally conflicted. Kyle seems like a great guy, Bentley clearly loves him, and Maci has said he's "the one." But as a single mama, she's leaving her support system behind -- her awesome parents, her helpful and understanding friends (who babysit and don't seem to mind at all when Maci brings Bentley to their gossip sessions), and even baby daddy Ryan, as useless as he sometimes is. I guess it's a you-won't-know-till-you-try situation, but it could backfire completely on poor Maci. It's a big move, packing up her stuff, transferring schools, getting Bentley adjusted to a new environment where he'll only know Maci and Kyle. I hope Kyle proves that he's worth it. I hope I'm not typing the words "I told you so" down the line.

Meanwhile, Catelynn's step-dad Butch is off to a mandated rehab for his coke habit, and it's causing plenty of strife between Catelynn and her mama, who's taking out all her angst on her daughter. But in the end, they bond again -- and the whole drama brings Catelynn and her boyfriend Tyler back together in a united front.

Amber, on the other hand, still seems ready to jump down Gary's throat at every little comment. She's all about getting educated, but she keeps insisting that she wants her diploma, not her GED. When she finally realizes that the GED is a much more practical option for her family, she takes a practice test. And fails. Big time. It must be excruciating to be in that situation, because lord knows she's going to have a hard time getting prepped to pass. She's realizing, sadly, that her mama status may just take precedence over her own goals. And we've all had that epiphany on occasion, no?

Our resident screw-up, Farrah, may actually be getting her act together for once. She's broke, thanks to the car scam she fell for in the last episode, but she's putting in extra hours at work so that she can make things work for her and baby Sophia. It's awesome to see her actually stepping up and handling her mess for once. And it was funny to see her school pal babysitting -- changing diapers in the park. But the funniest moment of the week award goes to Farrah's disastrous speed dating fiasco. She goes through three guys and doesn't click with any, but it's just priceless watching the last stud's face fall when she mentions that she has a daughter -- and that she's just a year old. Oh, Farrah, you sure do have your work cut out for you. But it's great to see you growing up and stepping up.

Do you think Maci's making the right decision by moving? Will Amber get her GED? Did your goals change post-baby?

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