And You Thought the Fighting at The Stir Over C-Sections Was Intense

surgeryThe C-section is one of those topics that's so divisive, it can make the best of friends want to punch each other's lights out. Two doctors in Italy recently got so worked up over the issue that they actually did while IN the delivery room

While 30-year-old Laura Salpietro was laboring away, two of her physicians started discussing whether she needed a cesarean. One said yes, one said no; and the punches started flying.

According to the BBC, one doctor grabbed the other by his neck and pushed him into a wall. The other doctor was so angry he punched a window and shattered it, injuring his hand in the process.

Can you imagine watching this while you're about to give birth?

The disturbance caused by the dueling doctors delayed the C-section she ended up needing by an hour. The result of that delay was devastating.


Salpietro had to have her uterus removed; and her son was left with heart problems and possible brain damage.

It's beyond outrageous to think that doctors who are meant to heal could do such damage.

Italy's healthy minister visited the family and offered an official apology, but what good is that going to do now?

Italy has an unusually high rate of C-sections in general (38 percent of all births), which could have fueled the fight. In Sicily, where the incident took place, the C-section rate is as high as 60 percent in parts!

In the United States, about one-third of deliveries are by C-section, and that's considered high. According to the Associated Press, the World Health Organization recommends no more than 15 percent of deliveries be done via cesarean.

The world over -- on The Stir and beyond -- it's a hot topic full of many caveats: Should women be allowed elective C-sections? What about VBACs? And how early should they be done?

Agreement isn't likely to come about anytime soon, but  for these doctors to let their debate get so far out hand is unforgivable and the damage irreparable. My heart goes out to the this family who lost so much because a couple doctors lost their tempers.

Have you ever been involved in a heated discussion over C-sections?


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