P. Diddy Opens Daddy Day Care & More Baby News

p. diddy opens day care
Who's Your Daddy?
It's your daily dose of baby news from around the web! If you haven't seen P. Diddy (I still want to call him Puffy, can't help it) with his baby girls, you must check out this video.

More fun here with the links I'm loving:

If the arrival of your baby leaves you wanting to quit your job or cut back, you're certainly not alone. CNN's money section shows you the formula so you can figure out if your family can afford it. Again, wouldn't longer paid maternity leave solve these issues? -- CNN

The Ad Hoc Moms describe the nitty gritty of baby jail. I'm so bummed to be in Guantanamo. -- Ad Hoc Mom

P. Diddy set up a Daddy Day Care complete with a web cam so we could check in on his baby girls. It's pretty cute, but I wonder if he regrets naming one of his babies Jessie James? -- Pregnant Hollywood


Image via Alberto D. Rodriguez/Getty

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