Coping With Colic: How to Keep Your Cool

Mom and BabyPlenty of moms of babies tell me they dread the night. During the day, they have a happy, smiling baby, but then something happens when the sun goes down. The crying starts. Then it ramps up. Then it goes off the charts. And they can't make it stop.

That feeling -- the one you get when you can't make your baby stop crying -- is one of the hardest feelings to deal with when you become a parent. But you can get through it. You have to remember that the best care for your baby includes taking care of yourself and keeping your cool.

Here are 5 strategies for coping with a colicky baby:


If your baby is crying more than three hours a day, three days a week for more than three weeks and you've consulted with your doctor to rule out any other factors of discomfort, you're probably dealing with colic. Now what?

Keep Your Perspective: You are not the reason your baby is crying, and it is in no way a reflection of your parenting skills. Don't even let your mind go there.

Get Help: If you can afford it, bring in some housekeeping services or a babysitter to play with older children while you take a nap.

Set a Schedule: Knowing if mom or dad is going to get up at night (or stay up) with a crying baby can keep your relationship on track so you can support each other instead of snap at one another.

Know Your Limits: If you feel stressed out, put the baby in a safe place and walk away. Try some deep breaths, call a friend, and take a minute for yourself. You'll be able to give so much more.
Count the Days: Colic isn't forever. The best advice to keep your sanity when your baby has colic is to celebrate the little victories and remember that it will go away.  
Do you or did you have a colicky baby? How did you deal with it? What advice would you give a mom on how to cope with the crying?

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