Kendra Wilkinson 'Needed' to Escape Baby Hank

Kendra WilkinsonKendra Wilkinson was recently spotted rocking a sexy bikini and the Miami scene. She and a couple girlfriends went on a "mini-vacation" ... without her husband or her 8-month-old baby, Hank.

"I definitely needed it!!!! We had the best time," she wrote on her blog.

From parasailing to partying it up in nightclubs, they had a great time.

But should she really be doing that while her little son is home missing his mommy?


Of course, she should!

I did the same thing when my son was just a little over a year, and just like Wilkinson, I NEEDED it.

I headed up to New England with some girlfriends and spent a few days shopping, sipping wine, and relaxing in Maine and New Hampshire. After the crazy first year of parenting, it was the perfect escape and a nice way to get back to myself and remember what I did without a baby attached to me all the time.

My girlfriends and I have done it almost every year since, as we've gone through more pregnancies and added more children to our families. We change destinations, but the anticipation that builds as I look forward to my escape each year never waivers.

It's even in the small things that I feel connected to my former self, like boarding an airplane alone and not having the whole plane avoid eye contact with me because they don't want my kids and me sitting next to them. It's nice to have people actually smile at me, and I always feel a bit mysterious.

And oh the luxury of just reading for hours in flight ... that might be my favorite part of the whole trip.

As for my baby, he was fine. It was extremely difficult to actually say goodbye that first time (and it always is), but it showed me we could do it, that we'd both be OK. And it proved to be a great bonding experience between him and my husband who kept him while I was away.

I have other friends who have NEVER left their children. One friend in particular has three children -- the oldest is 9 -- and she has never spent one night apart from them. It's not for lack of money or for friends trying to persuade her, she just can't bring herself to do it.

I respect that, I just couldn't operate like that.

Like Wilkinson (who knew we had so much in common?!), however, I always find the truly best part of each trip is going home.

"No matter how much fun I have, I’m always happy to go home to my family," Wilkinson said.

Me too. Now, when are airfares going on sale again?

Have you ever left your children for a fun getaway? How soon and often do you do it?

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