Woman Throws Baby at Husband: 5 Things She Should Have Thrown Instead

woman throws baby at husbandAfter throwing her baby at her husband, an El Paso, Texas woman has been arrested on child endangerment charges and assault on a public servant. (She only tried to bite the police officer, luckily her husband had the baby at that point.)

Jeez louise, I can understand being mad at your spouse. It happens, and sometimes we all overreact. But baby throwing is inefficient at best, and yes, child abuse at worst. Thank goodness her baby was safe, and her husband was on the ball.

Next time lady, why don't you grab one of these household items instead when you have the urge to hurl.


1. The cat

No, no, no. I don't want any cat lovers calling the authorities. So, just kidding. Kind of.

2. His Blackberry/iPhone/Droid

Because quite frankly, he spends way too damn much time on that thing anyway.

3. The dishes

Nothing says "classical fight with your husband" like a plate being hurled at his head. Also replacing a plate, doesn't cost nearly as much as his Blackberry.

4. Your shoes

But aim for a window, fireplace, anything that could destroy and therefore give you an excuse to go shopping for a new pair.

5. IKEA furniture

You know your husband hates that furniture that he had to put together with a crooked piece of metal smaller than his finger. Add insult to injury by tossing it at him, but missing, so it shatters against the wall and he has to put it together again.

Image via s. carlson/Flickr

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