Amy Poehler New Mom Look: Love It or Hate It?

There are many reasons to love Amy Poehler -- she's funny, witty, talented, and intelligent. But she is also real and never has she been more real than when she showed up at the Emmy Awards last Sunday night looking like someone who actually had a baby three weeks before.

Poehler and her husband Will Arnett welcomed their second child just three weeks ago, and Poehler walked the red carpet actually looking like someone who gave birth.

She looked amazing.


There was definitely some evidence of a baby belly and her breasts were larger. She also looked slightly tired, although always radiant.

It was a moment many moms could relate to and so much more realistic than celebrities (like Heidi Klum) who model lingerie weeks after giving birth. Anyone who has been in those first weeks after giving birth would recognize the deflating midsection, tired eyes, and slight mask of adrenaline we all get in the first weeks after our babies are born.

It's real and it's truly lovely.

Our bodies go through a lot for our babies and to deny that seems silly. I'm not suggesting we never lose the baby weight, but we should give ourselves time to let our physical and emotional selves catch up to one another.

"Looking like a mom" doesn't mean looking disheveled or frumpy. Poehler looks like a person who has just given birth -- tired, dazed, slightly softer -- and she looks gorgeous.

Congratulations to Amy!

Did you feel pretty post-birth?


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