Fall Baby Clothes for the Cheapskate Mom

In most parts of the country, I'm sure most people are still melting in the hot summer. Here in Washington (yes, the state), it's been a very mild, almost chilly summer and now that we're getting closer to fall, I get to do one of my favorite things: Go shopping for fall clothes for my kids!

Rowan is 6, so I'm used to buying boy clothing and he really has an opinion in what he wears now (which I encourage). His clothes actually last awhile.

Aurora, my fast growing baby, wants comfort, and for me (and my mom), being able to buy girl clothes is still an incredible novelty -- so I really, really enjoy it.

Now, I am a CHEAPSKATE. About the only thing you'll see me spend more than $20 on in kids' clothing are coats that can last more than one year since you can buy them big. Other than that? I find $15 for one baby shirt to be appalling. So where do I shop?


My favorite clothing store for children is a consignment store called Once Upon a Child. They take high quality, mostly name-brand stuff, and it's so cheap it's almost criminal. Tack on my 10% military discount and I usually think they've missed scanning things because the cost is so low. I recently went to my branch in Tacoma and spent $100, and that was a full cart's worth of fall clothing, a Japanese-style silk cart cover, soft-leather-bottomed shoes, and two adorable high-quality Halloween costumes.

Even when I don't have the money to spend, I love browser-window shopping. Comes in handy when I realize I do need to go pick up some things and have already scoped out the selection. Some of my favorites so far include:

This Plaid Micro Performance Fleece Swing Coat ($22) at Old Navy, which, by the way, would be an acceptable coat to wear in a car seat.

This JUST ONE YOU Made by Carters Pink/Blue Long-Sleeve Mommy's Little Monster Pant/Shirt Set ($8.99) from Target cracks me up. I love Carter's stuff, and they have all sorts of exclusive styles at different stores as well. (My mom loved this outfit as much as I do, and it's now in a box, on the way to my house! Thanks, Mom!)

I've always been a K-Mart hater, but I may have to make an exception for this funky Long Sleeve Tulle Hem Tunic Top & Animal Print Leggings Set ($16).

And not to leave boys out, I'm in love with these adorable Jumping Bean Bodysuits ($5.99 each) from Kohl's.

Do you have a favorite consignment store or discount shop? Where do you go to for fall clothes?


Images (top to bottom) Christie Haskell; Old Navy; Target; K-Mart; Kohl's

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