Mother Kills Son to Love Daughter More

A mother in Boston, Massachusetts so favored baby girls over baby boys that she gave her 9-month-old son away and beat her 13-month-old son to death after calling him "fat and lazy."

Christina Hancock, 23, was loving and attentive toward her daughter, but when it came to her sons, she did not care. According to the Boston Herald:

Witnesses told state police investigating the case, Hancock “was practically inseparable from her daughter (but) she gave up custody of her oldest son when he was 9 months old and left Kaydn in the care of a babysitter for a substantial period of time, including weekends and holidays.”

This story breaks my heart and not just because I have a little boy who trusts me and needs me so much. Also because I used to think I had a preference, too.


If you had asked me 10 years ago what my family would have looked like, I would have told you three perfect girls all in a row.

When the ultrasound tech told me that my first baby was a girl, I cried with joy. I always imagined my life full of daughters. I related to girls. I loved their toys and their emotions. I have always been a girly girl and imagined my daughters and I would be close and inseparable.

With my second pregnancy I was sure it was a girl again, so when she saw the penis, I asked her to look again. There it was. A boy. I was disappointed for maybe five seconds, but I quickly regrouped and started planning for my son, albeit cautiously and with a lot more fear.

What do people do with boys anyway? I wondered.

I don't wonder that anymore. 2.5 years later, he is everything I never knew I wanted. I love my son insanely and am so grateful that I did not get what I thought I wanted. Both genders are so amazing and I love having one of each. When we go for our third, I can truly say I don't care what gender that baby is. They are both so much fun.

When I think of my son's trusting face and the way he wants his mommy, it breaks my heart a little that this "mother" was unable to see how little gender really matters. A child is a child and they all need love.

This is one that will give me nightmares. Poor baby boy.

Do you think gender preference is what made this happen?


Image via handmaidenbymaria/Flickr

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