My Baby Makes Me Hate Mondays

baby sleep through the nightGetting my baby to sleep through the night has been, let's just say, a challenge. While we know he can do it -- and he did for quite a few months in a row -- he doesn't love it. In fact, he finds any excuse that he can to get up and raise some hell.

Take Mondays. Please, take Mondays and come over to my house and act as our night nurse. Every Monday night we know that we're in for a rough night, but we're not sure why. It's like he protests the beginning of the week by making Monday night/Tuesday morning as rough on his parents as possible. Last week, he got up four, or maybe five (maybe six?) times -- I lost count because my husband and I were playing "not it" all night.

Why does this happen?


After searching all over the interweb and asking friends who seem as stumped as we are by this wacky behavior, the only explanation that makes sense at all is routine. Babies and children thrive on routine.

My son has one routine Monday through Friday, and when he's home with his parents and big sister on the weekends, it goes out the window. We still keep his bedtime the same (unless we have friends over, then it gets pushed) but nap time is all over the place depending on what activities we have scheduled. He seems to sleep really well on the weekend, but Monday night . . . is crazy.

I recently wrote about a new study that said routine was not as important for babies and sleep. But something bizarro is happening come Monday night at our house, and the only difference is he's back on a different weekday routine.

Do you have a different routine on the weekends than during the week?

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