Good Samaritan Rescues Baby from Fire: Would You?

A 10-month-old baby girl in Washington owes her life to a passer-by who jumped through flames to rescue her from a burning home.

The fire broke out while little Bobbi was asleep inside her home and by the time her mother had removed her other three daughters from the home, she was unable to get to her baby. She was outside screaming "my baby is inside!" when Robin Adair happened by.

The mother hoisted Adair into the home through a window and she was able to get the baby -- still sleeping -- out into the fresh air.

Stories like these are so refreshing after all the awful things you have to read, but they always make me ask myself two questions:

  1. Would I have the courage to do that myself?
  2. How do you repay someone for something like that?

I would love to think I would jump into a burning building to save a baby and god knows, as a mom, I could not resist a fellow mom's cries for help, but I would also have to think of my own kids and what would happen to them if I died of smoke inhalation or could not get out of the burning building.

I'd like to think I would assess the situation before jumping into it. Then again, I can't imagine just standing there and doing nothing. It is one of those situations I think you have to be in to know how you would react.

And if you are that mother, how do you ever thank someone for risking their life to save your child's. The look on the mother's face, the gratitude despite having lost everything material, said it all to me.

I am the kind of person who detests asking for help. If I can get up and do something, I almost always will. I do not want to have to owe anyone anything. After my kid's were born, the only help I had was the kind I hired, so for me to owe someone something that huge would be scary. I would want to do anything for them.

It is hard to even imagine.

Do you think you would have the courage to jump into a burning building?

Image via 111 Emergency/Flickr


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