Moms Going Into Debt to Spoil Babies

Roberto Cavalli Baby Jeans
Roberto Cavalli Baby Jeans
When my sister and I were babies, our family was barely scraping the bottom of the middle class. K-Mart was a big shopping expedition for us and my mom made most of my clothes.

Today, almost all the moms I know today shop at places like Target or TJ Maxx-type stores. Maybe for the holidays we splurge on something extravagant. Everyone figures, sure, the fancy clothes are gorgeous -- but the kid is going to outgrow everything in about two weeks. In addition to spitting up, pooping, and peeing on them.

The cost of a baby in her first year of life was somewhere around $10K. That’s a staggering number on its own. Now, many moms are spending upwards of $20,000 in just one year -- and that’s not on necessities. That would include things like the $1500 Bugaboo, $88 cashmere onesies, $300 Fendi blankets and $170 Roberto Cavalli jeans for your 3-month-old.

Has Kourtney Kardashian's spending tipped the scales?


Then there’s Kendra and Tori and all the other celebs who are having babies on television -- and spending lavishly, broadcasting it into all our homes. They have the Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier (what, you don’t want a metallic pink cone-bra onesie?), and the fancy strollers and diaper bags and baby shoes and minkies and Swarovski-crusted binkies in order to keep up with the spendiest of the spendy.

But, seriously -- if Kendra wants $1,200 baby booties, she can have them. We all know she's got the dough for it. For the rest of us, raising a child is hard enough, even when you are financially stable -- forget about when you're struggling a little, as most new parents are. And now it’s okay to go thousands and thousands of dollars in debt -- for a pair of jeans? For baby?!

Come on! Thrift store jeans aren’t even practical when you are 3 months old! And you might as well set fire to that money, because the baby is going to need another pair of Sevens in about a month. And another pair a month later.

What is this all about, this need to clothe kids like mini-celebs in mini versions of designer duds? Why does baby need pricey wheels to stroll through town in a stroller that costs as much as a semester of college?

I just don’t get it. The baby doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and can’t appreciate it. So it has to be about the parents. Living vicariously? Okay, maybe. But at what cost? Perpetual debt, overspending, passing on terrible habits to the kids ….

I’m filing this one under “irresponsible parenting” until these parents can make a matching contribution to a college fund for every ridiculous pair of Ray Bans they strap to their kid’s head.

Don't you think this money could be better spent somewhere else?


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