Preparing Baby (And Mom) for Day Care

Kavya and Cookie Monster
Kavi and Cookie Monster hangin' at home.
So this is it. There's one week left before my little Kavi, at all of seven months old, goes off to day care. And one week left before I put on my work clothes -- or maybe some student version of them anyway -- and head to grad school.

One week left of the cozy little world Kavi and I have built at home, cuddling in bed, trying new foods like mashed potato and mango and peas, playing on the floor with the Cookie Monster and Xylophone her Tarun Mamaji brought her. It's the end of the world as she knows it. And while I'm trying to feel fine, I'm just a tad not.


I know we both need structure and we both need time to grow and develop. Kavi seems to like her new school reasonably well from what I can tell from our visit, and Ms. Adele seems awesome -- she's even got tattoos, which, for some reason, made me feel a lot better. But I know once she's there and all by herself, it will take a few days or weeks of adjustment. In the end, it will be okay. There will be other babies her age there for her to engage with, and the kind of toys we just don't have the space for in our little apartment. They'll be able to take her to the park and on other outings. She'll have a good time. The first few days will be hard, but before I know it, she won't want to leave.

For me, it'll just be weird. The silence. The lack of cuddles. I'll still be working from home, but I'll be the only one here. I know I need this. In addition to my workload, which was getting impossible to manage now that Kavi's more mobile and more play-oriented, I'll also have papers to do. And considering I'm in a grad program for writing, I'll need time to, well, write. It just makes sense.

But, in the meantime, it doesn't make this last week of our mommy-baby together time any less precious or fleeting. It feels like its slipping through my fingers and I'm going to miss it something fierce.

How did your little one adjust to day care? How did you?

Image via Navdeep Singh Dhillon

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