The Gayby Boom Has Issues & More Baby News

christmas card test baby nameComplicated baby naming, conception, and mom-friend making. Here are the links I'm loving this week:

  • Thanks to the "gayby boom," even lesbians aren't immune to the pressure to add a baby to the family. So now no one can go home for the holidays and avoid the "When are you going to give us grandchildren?" question. Is this progress? -- Salon
  • "You're Just Not My Type of Mom" on Shine gave me such flashbacks to my first mom encounters when my daughter was a baby. I love the mom groups, I love cool moms, but some of them made me run away screaming as fast as I could wrap up my baby and go. -- Shine
  • Have you put your baby's name through the announcer test? The Christmas card test? Here's your comprehensive guide to figuring out what to name those little bundles of joy. -- Rock On Mommies

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