The Scoop on Baby Poop

Baby DiaperBefore I had a baby of my own, I went to a baby shower where they played a game -- maybe you've played it, too? It involved diapers with smashed up chocolate candy bars inside (which looked just like poop) and the objective was to correctly guess which kind of candy was in which diaper.

All the other women held the diapers up to their noses and examined them and I was, well, DISGUSTED.

But these days? I have absolutely no problem dissecting the contents of a diaper. Even a diaper with real poop in it. It's just one of those unexpected ways that motherhood changes you.

You too might find yourself able to rattle off numerous facts about baby poop like these (and if you're lucky, winning some fabulous baby shower game gifts).


The Color: If you are breastfeeding, your baby’s stools will be mustard-colored -- but if you are formula feeding, they will be more tan-colored. Once you introduce solids, all bets are off. Expect to find colors like orange or green, and if your baby likes blueberries, black.

The Frequency: I was shocked to find out that babies can go days without pooping and this is usually nothing to worry about. Exclusively breastfed babies seem to have less constipation than formula-fed babies, which is usually because some formulas are high in iron.

The Texture: Breastfed babies have stools that are seedy and runny. Some say it's the texture of yogurt. If you're formula feeding, you'l likely see something like a peanut butter consistency.

The Blood: When Rowan was a few weeks old, I was terrified when I found red streaks inside his diaper. A trip to the doctor confirmed this can be caused by rectal fissures around the circumference of the anus. In my case it was a reaction to dairy in my diet. It's alright. I didn't need to eat all of that ice cream anyway.

What was the most surprising thing you've learned about baby poop?


Image via Just Taken Pics/Flickr

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