'Mad Men': Pete and Peggy's Baby Is Already a Media Whore

mad men baby peggyDid you ever wonder what happened to Peggy's baby? You know, the one conceived in the inter-office affair (err, rape?) with the vexatious Pete Campbell? You are not alone.

You're also not alone if you thought Peggy's baby was living with her sanctimonious sister.

Luckily, Pete and Peggy's baby has stepped forward in an open letter to Mad Men fans -- and Time magazine's Richard Corliss -- saying that he was NOT living with Peggy's sister, and was in fact, adopted by a lovely couple. Yes, really.


Hello all you madaddicts. I just thought I'd stop by to clear up a major misconception that some fans of the show seem to harbor, along with those who make a living reviewing television shows they obviously never watched. I refer to a recent article in TIME that assumed I was being raised by Peggy's sister. OMG, that is so not the case!

Mr. Weiner himself has stated in more than one interview that my birth mother, the lovely and talented Peggy Olsen, gave me up for adoption. And Peggy told Peter Campbell (my biological father) this very thing too. I don't hold it against her. She did what she had to do. I am not - REPEAT NOT - residing with Peggy's sister. I was NEVER with her. Ugh, that woman was a total drag and I am so happy that a wonderful young, stable couple adopted me and that I am having the time of my life! The adoption records are sealed so neither Peggy of Pete can ever find me. I am happy where I am and I don't plan to look them up when I am grown. Mr. Weiner has already told me that I will not be appearing in any future episodes of Mad Men. I can't say that I wasn't a little put off when he told me this, but hey, he's holding all the cards and besides, I'm kind of busy going to the zoo, playing with my building blocks, and being pampered by my mom and dad.

As a loyal watcher, I admit that I too thought Peggy's baby was being raised as her nephew. Huh. Not having access to the episode where that assumption took hold, I'm going to go with the AMC blog and an earlier interview with Matthew Weiner that confirms that Peggy did give the baby up for adoption, and the confusion over the issue was intentional. Apparently Peggy's sister had a baby at the same time, which is why she was caring for a baby after Peggy gave hers up. Why would you do that to us Mr. Weiner?

Either way, thanks for clearing things up, baby!

Did you think Peggy's sister was raising her baby?


Image via AMC

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