'Michelin Baby' Weighs 44 Pounds at 10 Months: Can It Be the Breast Milk?

Michelin BabyI love chubby babies and their chompable rolls and dimples, but a 10-month-old baby in China has so many that he's been dubbed the "Michelin Baby." And it's not so cute.

The boy, Lei Lei, weighs 44 pounds, which is the size of an average 6-year-old.

His mother, a very thin, small woman, said her boy just likes to eat.

"No matter whatever he grabs he unconsciously puts it in his mouth," she told the Daily Mail. "His most favorite thing is to eat."

But can a baby really get that big, just from eating too much? Especially when the mother claims he's only ever been fed breast milk. Has Lei Lei figured out how to raid the refrigerator, or is there something else going on?


Lei Lei is currently in the hospital to determine just that and if there's a medical explanation for his early obesity. Possibly a thyroid problem? Or exposure to be BPA, which has been linked to obesity in infants?

I certainly hope there is a reason -- a treatable reason -- because if it's just a case of a parent not being able to say no, then it's one of the saddest and scariest things I've heard.

I admit it's hard to say no to children when it comes to food, especially a breastfeeding baby. If he's hungry, he must need to eat, right? No mother wants her baby to be hungry, but there also have to be limits.

And honestly, I find it hard to believe that this baby has ONLY been fed breast milk. He would have to be attached to her breasts 24/7 to grow like that, and even then I find it suspect.

Either there's a serious problem with the baby or the mother's milk, or someone is sneaking this baby some food. But regardless, someone needs to help Lei Lei because he is doomed to a life filled with health and emotional issues if he doesn't get it.

Do you think a baby could get this fat off of breast milk alone?


Image via dailymail.co.uk 

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