Help, My Baby Has Too Much Hair!

"Oh my gosh, your baby has so much HAIR! My children were bald until they were 3!"

I've heard this about a million times, and people always say they're jealous of my children and their full heads of hair. I've also been asked a million times if I had tons of heartburn, which apparently is not just an old wives' tale but really has some basis in real fact. Weird!

But back to the hair: It's adorable. Yes, I love it. But with the tangles and the wig remarks, it's not all that easy to deal with! 


There is extra effort that goes into washing that hair (and we know how much babies love having their hair washed). Plus having to comb tangles and do haircuts or hairstyles on a head attached to a little body that won't sit still isn't as relaxing as nap time. Since I had a newborn who pulled her hair every single time she laid down for a diaper change, I've often lamented my "luck" in having babies with lots of pretty locks. My daughter wakes up and earns the nickname "Cousin It" because her hair naturally goes forward and covers her face.

With my son, it was simple -- when it became a problem, we bought a clipper set (electric buzzer) and did it ourselves. With girls, it's not so easy! It's taken some trial and error, but there's lots of ways to manage the crazy baby-mane. Here are some ideas on what to use and how to get them on a wiggly baby.

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1. Soft Headbands. Elastic headbands always cut into my daughter's head and I hated them, even when she was a newborn. Then I found crocheted, soft headbands like the cute ones from Enchanted Smiles on Etsy. They contained my daughter's hair without anything cutting into her head at all. The bows stayed well too, and looked really cute attached to the headband. Unfortunately, at about 7 or 8 months old, she decided she wouldn't keep these on anymore, though I know plenty of other people whose children tolerate these just fine.

2. Pigtails. With the aid of kid-geared music videos on YouTube as a distraction, some little tiny hair bands, a boar's hair brush (seems to do best with Aurora's super-fine baby hair), and even a squirt bottle to aid me, pigtails are still my running favorite way to keep my daughter's hair out of her eyes. Some of my friends then put matching bows or ribbons around the hair-tie as well, which is exceptionally adorable. There's also the single ponytail up on top, which I frankly can't stand but other people seem to love. Unfortunately, if this comes loose in public, it's not very easy to fix without a brush, and one stray baby hand can pull out all your hard work. As far as the music video goes, sometimes it backfires and makes it harder to do her hair since she's busy dancing. Oh well.

3. Hair clip. I avoided these for the longest time because they're a choking hazard, but fortunately up until recently, Aurora leaves them alone. I've had to buy a few different kinds to figure out which style works best in her hair, and I imagine it probably varies by hair type. It's starting to fail me though as her hair gets thicker and thicker, so I may have to go back to constant pigtails. At home or in a hurry, though, this remains my go-to method for containing the crazy baby locks. I'm just careful to watch her with them in.

4. Lastly, there is the haircut, which people avoid for religious reasons or just because they plain ol' don't want to.

How do you manage baby hair?


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