Lullaby Lyrics: Do You Make Up Your Own?

When put on the spot and ordered to sing songs for my kids, whether it be from demands of my older child Rowan or attempts to please my baby daughter, Aurora, I seem to suffer from "Forgot-the-Words-itis."

Lullaby lyrics, wherefore art thou? I swear I know them ... really.

I usually end up resorting to "Bananaphone" by Raffi (even though I don't remember most of it) because the ragtime style is just fun to exaggerate. Same deal with "Les Poissons" from Little Mermaid -- but I only remember some random verses (and my French is questionable at best).


Much to my son's amusement, songs often come out like this:

Lullaby, and good night
Something something sleep tight
Close your eyes and go to sleep
I don't remember these freakin' words!

Close your eyes now and rest
At Mommy's behest
Dang kid, it's not in jest
Now just lay down and rest

My daughter may not know the difference and only cares about the melody, but I assure you there's nothing soothing about a first grader cackling in your ear. Fortunately, the demand to sing usually comes while I'm in the car and sleep isn't the goal.

However amusing my forgetfulness may be (to me and my son), I always lament my poor memory, and in my search for new things to learn and forget when put on the spot, I found this fabulous website with more lyrics and songs than I could hope to ever learn. Some even have videos and/or music with them. Fantastic!

So when soothing baby is your goal, or you're just bored, pop on one of these songs and sing along with the music while reading the lyrics. It's a win-win!

I also found this profile on YouTube of "1stnurseryrhymes," which has a huge selection of well-known songs, sing-along style with scrolling lyrics and weird animations, performed by slightly tone deaf but incredibly adorable children. Yay!


What are some of your go-to songs when you have to perform for your baby?

Image via m kasahara/Flickr

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