3 Hot Diaper Trends

hot diaper trendsDiapers may not be the most fun item on your baby shopping list, but a few companies are trying to change all of that.

Our mothers already marvel at all the options we have today to cover our baby's bums. Innovations and trends even in the past five years will also have your older sister wondering where all these options were when they were disposing of nasty nappies.

Here are three new trends that will either make your life easier, or just more fashionable.



Designed to supplement, rather than replace, your diaper stash, these vacuumed packed dipes are here to save the day when you're on the road. I've used a diaper that lived on the bottom of my bag and had to shake dirt out of it before wrapping up my babe. This design keeps your diaper clean and takes up a heck of a lot less space.


A cloth/disposable hybrid, gDiapers came on to the scene in 2005. You can opt for a 100 percent biodegradable insert or cloth, deciding how eco you want to go. You spend a lot up front to kick off your g habit, but it's less than you'll wind up spending on disposables when the diaper phase is all said and done.

cynthia rowley for pampersCynthia Rowley for Pampers

We thought the denim Huggies were, umm, entertaining, then along came a top designer to put her stamp on Pampers. Of course, these Pampers won't make your life easier, or more eco, but your baby's backside will sure be cute. Who knows what top designer will throw their butt in the ring next.


DiaperBuds (2 for $1, or $18.99 for 24) -- DiaperBuds

gDiapers ($149 for new baby bundle) -- gDiapers

Cynthia Rowley Pampers ($12.99 for 23) -- Amazon


Images (top to bottom): DiaperBuds, gDiapers, Amazon

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