Itty Bitty Baby Bikini: Cute or Wrong?


My 3.5-year-old loves lakes, pools, water parks, and puddles. She is happiest splashing around in her bathing suit -- a suit that is always a one-piece.

Why? Because I said so.

Babikini is a company that offers string bikinis for baby girls. They range in sizes from newborn up to about age 7 and they are cute ... for an adult.

I have never and will never put my daughter in a bikini. I would sooner she go naked.

And even if I were to put her in a bikini, it wouldn't be one with leopard stripes or strings that tie the sides. I know other mothers disagree with me, but about this, I am adamant. My daughter will not wear a bikini until she has breasts that make it necessary.

After all, what else are you covering with that little top? There is an implication that there is something to "hide" when, in fact, there is nothing there.

It's not that I'm against bikinis. I just think they're sexy. And sexy? Has no place on a preschooler.

A bikini was designed to attract men and anyone who questions that ought to ask themselves why swimsuit models wear bikinis and not burqas.

I have no problem with sex. It's great fun and there's almost nothing I love more than flirting and attracting the opposite sex. But those are grown-up activities. When my daughter is at the beach, she should be building a sandcastle while wearing a ruffled one-piece.

She has her whole life to be "sexy" and I'm getting sick of a culture that says she has to wear a logo on her rear or gyrate on a pole or wear jeggings or don sexy swimwear to be a happy little girl.

It's not just that the suit is sexy, either. It also supports our "bikini culture" that says she has to look a certain way to look good in a bikini and I'm not quite ready to hear the words "bikini diet" come out of the mouth of a little girl who isn't even yet aware that "fat" exists.

When she is 14, we can hash this out again, but until then I am the mama and I say it's a one-piece or nothing.

Would you let your daughter wear a bikini?

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RanaA... RanaAurora

I'm 100% with you.  Bikinis, especially designed like THAT, are intended to be provacative to the opposite sex, and hold breasts that children don't have.

I find them inappropriate and some of them, I find disgusting.

I'm okay with two pieces on babies/toddlers... but because it makes diaper changes or runs to the bathroom easier.  I believe in protecting skin though, so we do Rash Guard/SPF clothing which is usually in the form of a short sleeve shirt.

Jennifer Cox

That is MUCH too small for an infant/toddler. I'm going to have to disagree with this. They make two pieces that are much more appropriate. This is just ridiculous. 

nonmember avatar mariek

a child's body is in no way sexy and a bikini doesn't make it sexy. if you think it does, you've got serious underlying problems. "My daughter will not wear a bikini until she has breasts that make it necessary." -- under this reasoning, shouldn't she be going naked?????? Clothes don't sexualize kids, people do!!!

beani... beaniebaby05

I agree... why does a child have to have that much skin showing? and why does their clothes have to insinuate body parts that are not there as of yet?

rockn... rocknrollgirl70

OMG.. hell no i wouldnt let my daughter wear that..  im for 2 pieces but not like that.. my daughter has bottoms and a rash guard as a top..

baby1... baby1love

2 pieces are cute if they are the kind that doesn't show much skin I forget what they are called. I usually have my girls who are under 4 wear 1 pieces. We never swim in public pools just my parents pool but still only do one pieces. Tankinis I think they are called that are 2 pieces but don't show much at all.

Jenpdxs Jenpdxs

I'm with ya! My daughter will never wear something like that, not anytime soon anyways! We went shopping for a bathing suit for her a couple months ago. I was looking for a one piece suit, my girl isn't wearing a bikini, she is too young. However, I did find a super cute Tankini that covered up just like a one piece, I went with that. What you are talking about is way over the top, I can't believe a company would even promote something like that for toddlers,ugh.

xavie... xavierlogan09

i don't have a daughter. but if i did i'd never let her wear something like that until she was old enough. i don't think little children should have so much skin showing. i wasn't allowed to wear a bikini until i was 17. i'm very surprised they make these for newborns. who would put their newborn in a bikini?

Lynette Lynette

I'm with u too!  My dd has a one piece.  I would consider a modest Tankini if it covers her belly

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