NIP Fever! Catch It!: Best Reader Comments

nursing in publicLet's all say it together, "It's your right to breastfeed your baby in public." After last week's news it seems a lot of people are having trouble understanding that fact. Luckily, our readers are here to straighten them out.

These, and more, make up the best reader comments:


Michele lamented the plight of the Stay-at-Home Dad and Peajewel called for universal support:

I actually know several SAHD and they love it!  They say, let people say what they want and call them what they want....they love being home with the kids! 

I also think that man or woman, stay at home or working, being a parent is a  full time job and at times tough as hell!  I think that as parent's we should all stick together and support one another no matter what the circumstances are!

Christie had 7 tips for eating out with baby and BusyBeesmom had one more:

I always carry a small hot wheels car in my bag, my daughter loves to play with it while we wait for the food, she doesn't care for coloring yet. When my other 2 were smaller I always had some small quiet toy that they rarely played with at home, something "new" so they could play with it if they didn't want to color.

Christie shared outrageous parenting suggestions and Jmum shared one of her own, and more:

What's so bad about outies?

I was told to avoid soda during pregnancy because the carbonation causes Down Syndrome. Not even lying a bit.

Now excuse me while I go find a plastic surgeon to fix my nipples. If I can pry my incestuous 3 year old off of me, that is...

Michele listed the ways being a baby rules. An agreement came from laura7485:

Naps. They rock. Now I just get called LAZY, LOL

Sasha feels bad that she didn't use BPA-free for her first baby since the ill effects were not as well known at that time. Luckily ethans_momma06, among others, gave her some good advice:

You can't prevent what you don't know plain and simple. And I think (and hope) that the more that things like this happen the more that we can push for having transparency in the possible effects of the products we use,especially for infants. If we don't know, we can't take action against it. So lets make sure that we DO know ASAP.

We had our son after BPA was starting to be frowned upon and so while I didn't know anything about it I picked up one that said 'BPA free'. Happy I made the choice- I wish it had been an informed one.

Megan gave tips on traveling and breastfeeding and PhilsBabyMama said you should tell, not ask when it comes to babies on a plane:

I traveled with my exclusively breastfed 8 month old from Fairbanks, Alaska, with a stop over in Seattle, to Washington D.C.  Breastfeeding definitely made my life easier.  Just so you know, airlines CANNOT tell you not to breastfeed on the airplane. It is illegal for them to do so.  Most states have laws on the books saying the woman can breastfeed anywhere she is authorized to be, but even if you are in the air between states, etc, Federal law protects a mother's right to breastfeed as well. Generally, if you're traveling internationally, breastfeeding does not garner the same negative attention as it does here in the U.S.   I never had any problem nursing my son on our flights.

I guess, I just think it's weird that a mom would call and ask ANYONE (train company/ airline, etc.) and ASK if it's ok to feed their baby.  Just do it.   I mean, lets say you do call, ask and some person ignorant of the laws tells you "Oh, you're not allowed to breastfeed."  Then what?  Are you going to run out and buy a pump and bottles and hope baby will take one?  Give baby formula instead?  Cancel your trip?  No way. 

Better to ask for forgiveness (or in this case tell them to eff off if they told you not to breastfeed) than to ask permission. :)

Michele asks if you feel okay breastfeeding in front of other children and ethansmomma06 again, had some insight:

I was thrilled when my friend nursed her baby infront of my son. I have absolutly no problem with it and never will. That being said.... I find it really awkward to nurse in front of others children and do so only when covered. Not because of how the kids feel about it,but I am worried about offending their parents. BTW, the kids NEVER understand why the baby has to be covered. Never. Makes you think.

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