Who's Going to Buy the Octomom Book?

octomom autobiographyNadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to eight babies at one time, has written an autobiography, but no one's buying. According to reports the Octomom has already done the hard work of penning her life story (ummm, I only have two kids and can't find the time to write a book) but not one single publisher has offered her cash to publish.

Whether it's because no one is interested or because Suleman is holding out for more money is unclear. But signs are definitely pointing to Octomom asking for more than the book is actually worth.

I might not want to see what it's like behind the scenes for a woman who has 14 children and, most likely, one or two mental illnesses. But there are other people who would probably slap down cash for the story of Octomom.

I can think of three:


Kate Gosselin

I can see Kate now kicking back on the beach with the autobiography, smiling and nodding with recognition while thanking god it's not her.

Sarah Palin

Surely the pro-life Palin can get behind a woman with 14 children, and maybe even learn something about optimizing your 15 minutes of fame.


Whoever this guy is, you know he'll be the first in line to make sure he hasn't been outed by the lady who had eight babies that look a little bit like him.

Would you buy the Octomom autobiography?


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