What Your Baby's Sign Can Tell You

Do you enjoy looking at your daily horoscope? Sure you do! Hopefully you don't take too much stock in it, but like fortune cookies, it can sure be fun to think about it.

Supposedly the month you're born in (amongst other, more complicated things) has an effect on your personality, so why not learn a little bit about your baby by their Zodiac sign?

Take these with a grain of salt, wash down with loose green tea, and then we'll read those leaves too, mmm'kay? I foresee -- a diaper change!


Baby Aries  March 21 - April 19

Make sure your floor and corners of your coffee table are nicely padded, as they're mere obstacles to these impulsive thrill-seeking fire signs. Aries strive to be assertive leaders, so don't be surprised when their first word is "No!" and that's the only word they say for awhile, since these kids are very busy on physical actions and love to play more than waste time chatting.

Baby Taurus  April 20 - May 20

The bull-headed earth sign is as solid as a rock ... in their own opinions. Once their mind is made up, be prepared for a battle if you try to change it. Taurus babies enjoy observing other kids at play rather than joining because they like being in control of their own imaginary kingdom. Don't be fooled though; they're very sensitive and not just sensitive when it comes to perfumes and dyes in detergents and baby wipes.

Baby Gemini  May 21 - June 20

Prepare your earplugs because these babies never stop talking and babbling! They enjoy trying a little of everything without dedicating themselves into anything specific, so don't drop a fortune on Blues Clues DVDs because tomorrow, it'll be all about Yo Gabba Gabba.

Baby Cancer  June 21 - July 22

A teenager from the get-go, Cancer is emotional, jealous, sometimes a pain in the butt; they are really just babies who want to be loved and understood. Find a good chiropractor because you're bound to get whiplash from the constant emotional yo-yo. Love Elmo, hate Elmo! But give me back my doll!

Baby Leo  July 23 - August 22

Be prepared for with this one as they will have all the kids --boys and girls alike -- in the play yard coming for them, and they'll love the attention. That is, until someone does them wrong and they banish that child from the sandbox FOREVER! (Gulp!) This fire sign isn't all fire-starter -- they are funny and cute ... and they know it.

Baby Virgo  August 23 - September 22

Keep one eye on these little earthy sweethearts when playing with other kids, as they won't think twice about letting the big kid take away their precious doll they just spent 20 minutes hugging and bandaging the owie. (The precious doll you spent a lot of money on!) But don't worry, Baby Virgo will have a new love quickly no matter how many times they're spurned.

Baby Libra  September 23 - October 22

Keep the Disney movies and dress-up clothes on hand for this one. Librans want to be the perfect prince or princess. While on that search, social outings rule their thoughts and they love to be the center of attention. Tea for 20, anyone? Be ready for big birthday parties and inviting the whole neighborhood.

Baby Scorpio  October 23 - November 21

Have a baby who thinks they're your boss half the time, and demands you do everything for them the next? Chances are they are a Scorpio! Considered the "Power Houses," they have two major sides: running their lives successfully as leaders, or crashing and burning as irresponsible whiners. Hope for the first.

Baby Sagittarius  November 22 - December 21

Load up on door alarms and high-quality locks with this fiery free spirit around. Closed doors are a personal insult to the child who wants to roam and explore and see the new world ... with the "new world" being the living room ... then the kitchen .... They are optimistic and little love bugs who adore when people make a fuss about them. They have no problems with sharing their bottle with the dog and they don't mind if they don't get it back. (Thankfully because neither do you.)

Baby Capricorn  December 22 - January 19

All work and no play makes Baby Capricorn dull. Awww. We have to make sure the quiet Capricorn type -- the one who is like the big mountain goat that scales to the top and forgets to take time to enjoy life -- isn't afraid to grab life by the horns. (Okay, no horns -- too sharp!) Remind baby that playing in the dirt is just as fun as perfecting the shape sorter.

Baby Aquarius  January 20 - February 18

Be on the lookout for unique clothing or food choices (almond butter and Swiss cheese?) as these little ones march to the beat of their own eccentric drums. They're passionate about what they deem important, even if what they deem important is odd to others (like chewing on your shirt as if it were the most delicious thing ever).

Baby Pisces  February 19 - March 20

Super empathetic, Baby Pisces cries when others cry, laughs when others laugh, and is determined to feel everything that everyone around them does -- whether it's good for them or not. If a kid gets hurt at the playground, grab your Piscean and run before they start crying, too. They never want to be alone, but won't necessarily interact when they're with you. Confusing? Not as much as their own inner turmoil! Be gentle, even if they seem harsh sometimes. They're little sweeties.

What sign is your baby? Do these predictions seem true for your baby's horoscope?


Image via Remko van Dokkum/Flickr

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