Hospital Tells Bottlefeeders to Bring Their Own Formula

bottle feeding babyIf you're planning to bottlefeed, you might want to throw a can of formula next to your robe and slippers in that ready for the hospital bag.

The new trend in hospital maternity wards just made news in England's Essex this week: the hospital has told moms it's breastfeed or bring your own milk for baby.

They won't be supplying formula.


Frankly, as a mom who supports women's right to choose -- and women's right to realize that breastfeeding doesn't work for everyone -- I still love this idea.

Because let's face it: you don't know if breastfeeding is going to work for you until you TRY it.

And it's awfully tempting when you're lying spent in a hospital bed to give in to the lure of a nurse with a bottle. No judgment: you're tired. You're not thinking straight.

And you're screwing yourself.

Because sticking the artificial nipple in baby's mouth from the get-go makes it HARDER to breastfeed. So that kindly nurse isn't spelling relief for you -- she's foiling your future attempts to bring baby to breast.

My struggle with postpartum depression forced me to give up breastfeeding far earlier than I ever intended, and I still struggle with guilt over it. But I'm buoyed by the knowledge that I tried.

Every woman deserves the right to try, and a hospital that supports that right. The maternity ward is supposed to be a source of support for mothers -- not the little devil on your shoulder. 

And if you don't want to, stop off at the grocery store while you're contracting -- it's your right to choose.

Is your hospital offering formula?

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