Do You Keep Up With the Baby Book?

rubylove Baby Book
This is what Kavi's baby book looks like. Isn't it cute?
Before Kavya was born, I had big plans to commemorate every significant moment in her baby book. Her first smile, her first giggle, the first time she tasted avocado or bananas or mangos, her first trip to the park.

My husband and I made sure our camera was functioning, splurged on a video camera, and, of course, picked out the baby book, customized just for Kavi.

We spent hours before she arrived filling out the details of the pregnancy, my cravings, how we found out, and all that jazz.

Then, once she got here, we got so hectic, the book sat empty, waiting to be filled with all those memories we're too busy making.

So yes, I've bailed on my kid's baby book.


I keep meaning to get to it, but honestly, there are other things on my list that are taking priority write now. (Ah, look at that. A misspelling! There's something Freudian in that, no? I'll leave it as is.) Anyway, amongst them: bathing, eating, sleeping. Basic human functions. Then there's work, school, spending quality time with my little one and my family.

Which is not to say that I won't eventually get to it. Maybe once Kavi starts daycare -- and that day is looming heavy on my mind -- I'll be able to set aside a few hours to give it a thorough update. My husband and I have been making sure to devote some time to take photos and videos of her frequently, because we know once those moments are gone, they're gone.

And they do go by so fast. Last night I was watching a video I shot some bleary-eyed night when Kavi woke up at 3 a.m. and decided it was time to play. It was so cute, just me and her, the sky still dark outside, and her practicing those tentative first smiles. Now she coos and grins and giggles, occasionally giving us a full-on belly laugh, but back then it was just those little half-smiles, those moments when you knew she was trying to tell you something important, just wishing she had the words. I missed it. Not the 3 a.m wake-up call, naturally, but the moment.

I was so glad I caught it on camera, that I have it to look back on. I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy those moments like I did in the beginning. And get back to filling out that baby book, taking those precious pictures and videos, so my little Kavi will know what life was like for her in that first year.

Be honest: Do you make time for your little one's baby book?


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