Bong Baby Mama Faces Consequences & More Baby News

baby news bong hitWe revisit that baby bong hit mom this week. Yes, she's still making news for the smoke-filled bong photo. Nice.

Also non-traditional -- a whole new way of looking at baby names, starting with the least popular.

The last link I love has to do with a mysterious white stroller. Does anyone have any answers?

Here are the links I'm loving this week:


The 19-year-old mother to the bong-smoking baby has been arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Normally I would feel like this kind of charge is a load that only succeeds in clogging up the court system. But in this case, that teen mom needed a wake-up call. -- Crimesider

In baby name news, Pamela Redmond Satran sifted through the least popular baby names (names used 25 times or less each year) and found the best ones. Use something from her list, and your kid will probably be the only one on the playground. Although, I did see two on there that matched babies I know. -- The Daily Beast

A "ghost stroller" has popped up on a Park Slope, Brooklyn street corner. Like the residents, I'm seriously curious as to what it all means. I've seen the "ghost bikes" placed where cyclists have been killed by cars around New York, and this is obviously a reference. However, there is no report of a baby being hit and killed by a car. Is it art? A demographic statement? Or worse? -- The New York Times


Image via Patriche/CafeMom

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