Flight Attendant Who Took Slapped Baby From Mother Is a REAL Hero

baby on airplaneA woman traveling aboard a Southwest Airlines flight Monday lost her cool and slapped her crying baby. A flight attendant who saw the incident took the 13-month-old baby from the parents for the duration of the flight.

"Our flight attendants do great customer service," said Southwest Airlines spokesman Brad Hawkins. "In this case, it was a baby that was upset, and the flight attendant asked the mother if she wanted help with the baby."

While Steven Slater has been lauded around the world as a hero for his dramatic departure from a flight last week, I say this flight attendant who stepped in deserves many more kudos.


Traveling with small children is tough, really tough. And while I would never condone hitting a child under any circumstances, I do understand the stress of trying to quiet an inconsolable child while the glaring eyes of hundreds of strangers pierce you.

So for a flight attendant to step in and not berate the woman, but to simply take the baby and care for it while the mother calmed down, seems like just what the situation warranted.

Police met the plane when it landed, interviewed the couple, and checked the baby for other signs of abuse. They deemed it to be an "isolated incident," and no charges were filed.

I hope they're right, because next time there might not be someone as caring and concerned as this flight attendant around to intervene.

Do you think the flight attendant did the right thing in taking the baby from the mother who slapped her baby?

Image via jyri/Flickr

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