Woman Suing Chocolate Shop After Being Kicked Out for Nursing

nursing in public sueLast summer two moms took their babies out for a stroll and stopped in to Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe in Midtown Manhattan. Babies get hungry too, and while chocolate is not an option, boob absolutely is on the menu.

What happened next is another example of a shop manager not only being unreasonable, but acting in direct opposition of the law that protects breastfeeding mothers in public places. Prepare to be outraged, mostly by the comments of the many readers of the NY Post article.

Breastfeeding is like public urination? Really?


Julia Acevedo-Taylor and her friend, Latasha Augustoplos began to nurse, but the chocolate shop manager told them they had to stop.

Taylor "politely declined" the request, the suit says, telling the manager what she was asking was and "both contrary to sound public policy and illegal."

The manager, however, was unmoved, and "again demanded, this time in a threatening manner, that . . . Taylor and Augustoplos cease nursing" their kids, the suit says.

The women "again politely declined the request," and the manager then ordered them to "leave and never come back to [the] establishment again," the suit says.

Taylor "felt shamed and humiliated in front of her friends and other patrons who witnessed the event. She tearfully gathered her belongings" and left with her five-month-old daughter Jordan, the suit says.

I love that the mom first pointed out that the manager had no right to ask them to do so. But when the worker continued to demand they stop feeding their babies, I might have lost it instead of "politely declining." Babies need to eat, you know, so they don't starve to death. It's called parenting, not law-breaking.

I'm guessing the chocolate shop manager never walked the two blocks into Times Square where there are plenty of boobs on display in billboard form. She might have demanded Calvin Klein leave the area as well.

Why are people so insane about women feeding their babies in public?


Image Tim and Selena Middleton/Flickr

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