Sandra Bullock's Baby Bottle Makes Me Feel Guilty

Sandra Bullock was recently spotted with her 5-month-old son carrying a Born Free bottle, the same kind I used for my second, but not for my first.

And the photo? Reminds me how guilty I feel about that fact.

When my daughter was born, it was early 2007 and the concerns about BPA (bisphenol-A, a chemical used in plastic, which has been linked to behavioral problems, cancers, diabetes, heart problems, infertility, and other health issues, and was in sippy cups, bottles, and food containers) were just getting started.

Moms in my new mom class brought it up, but I dismissed it.

I wish I hadn't.


When the news really started to heat up in 2008 and people started to see the danger, my daughter was 1 and still taking a bottle.

We returned all of our BPA bottles and got a small credit to use toward new bottles. Not wanting to take any chances, we kicked in another $100 (Born Free is expensive) and made sure the new baby who was born in August of 2008 would not use anything for his pumped milk but BPA-free bottles.

But it still feels like too little, too late.

As new parents, we were bombarded with ideas: organic vs. non organic, raw vs. pasteurized cow's milk, co-sleep vs. crib, and more. I felt overwhelmed and this felt like one more thing.

I don't really blame myself, but I do wish it didn't bother me so much that my daughter used BPA bottles the whole first 16 months of her life.

Live and learn, I guess. And I hope it has no effect.

Did you use BPA-free bottles?


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