Dads Get Hormonal Too (In a Good Way)

Daddy and BabyWow, babies are some pretty powerful little bundles.

It's well known, especially if you've given birth, how many hormones surge through a woman's body during and after pregnancy. While they may leave us a blubbering mess of tears of joy and sadness and rage -- all in a matter of seconds -- hormones like oxytocin and prolactin also serve the purpose of helping mothers deliver and bond with their babies.

Now, new research shows that dads get feel-good hormones too, only without all the work of nine months of pregnancy and a subsequent delivery.



"This seems to be evolution's way of helping men turn into good parents as soon as they have a baby," Ruth Feldman, a neuroscientist at Yale University and one of the researchers, said. "These hormones seem to have a powerful role in helping men bond with their newly born children."

And all they have to do is interact with their children -- a good reason for them to do some of the middle-of-the-night diaper changes!

"It is possible that as the father's daily encounters with his infant increase, hand in hand with the infant's growing social skills from the second to the sixth month of life, the prolactin and oxytocin systems reorganize and create new connections."

While this news is good, and we all want daddies bonding with babies, I can't help but feel a little miffed that men get the good kind of hormones so easily. No PMS for them, of course, which is both no fair and very fortunate, because I can NOT imagine how miserable men would make life if they had to suffer through what we do each month. Just saying ...

Are you surprised that babies can trigger a hormonal response in men?

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