Should I Try Baby-Led Weaning?

Baby Aurora eats blackberries.It's been three weeks since Kavi, now 6 months old, started eating solid foods. And it's been quite an amusing experience because while she's very interested in food, she's not very interested in baby food.

Which has me wondering, should we try baby-led weaning?


Every mushed up food she's tried so far -- from avocado to carrots to peas and even bananas -- has been met with this really funny grimace, as if she's saying, "Really, mama, you guys eat this crap?"

But when she's at the table at mealtime with us -- an activity she positively loves -- she's totally riveted by what we're eating. And when we give her a few soft bites here and there, she seems to enjoy that much more than the actual baby food, especially when we let her attempt to feed herself.

One theory I'm slowly developing is that she just doesn't like the blandness of baby food, even the super-vibrant looking homemade stuff, like carrots, sweet potatoes, or peas. Given the fact that I didn't back off the spicy food when I was pregnant, or even now while breastfeeding, it sort of makes sense that Kavi, at all of 6 months, would have more of an adventurous palette. She's definitely more into even the simplest of foods, like the mashed avocado, when I add just a touch of seasoning to it.

So I've decided to do a mix of baby foods, to continue to see if she develops a taste for this or that, and giving her a bit of what we're having when it's appropriate. So far she loves mangos and even clementines (approved by Dr. NaniMa, who was hanging out with us when she had them), so we're off to a great start!

Have you tried baby-led weaning with your little one?


Image via RanaAurora/CafeMom

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